The Secret to Happiness

Okay, so I’m only one stranger on the internet who occasionally publishes blog posts. And alright, I don’t truly think that there is one universal secret to happiness per se. All I can do is speculate. I think the secret to happiness is surrounding ourselves with lots of little things that bring us joy. Surrounding … Continue reading The Secret to Happiness

I’m back? On Not Writing

Laptop keyboard

Hi, I’m K and my hobbies include starting a blog and then vanishing for months at a time without writing anything. Hey, how you doing, nice to meet you. Okay so here’s the thing. I genuinely enjoy writing. I love the process, I love threading thoughts together and uniting words and ideas, and I love … Continue reading I’m back? On Not Writing

5 Things I’ve Learned from (Finally) Trying Watercolours

I’ve had watercolour paints and pencils for… well, too long considering that I’ve only really just gotten around to using them. This is a quick list of things I’ve learned from using these watercolours and from understanding why I was so hesitant to start using them sooner. Just do it Sometimes you really just need … Continue reading 5 Things I’ve Learned from (Finally) Trying Watercolours

Why I Haven’t Been Posting Recently

So, uh... I'm back. If you check my blog, you'll see that my last post was published on August 6. That means I haven't posted in about two weeks after posting almost daily. This mini-hiatus wasn't intentional and is something that I am looking to overcome. Sometimes I find that thinking about why something has … Continue reading Why I Haven’t Been Posting Recently

The 5 Most Popular Room Décors in 2019

I scoured DIY room décor and room makeover inspiration on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest so you don’t have to. These are the five most popular elements in 2019 room décor. Indoor plants Plants make any space feel more open and airy by bringing the outdoors in. Those of us who may struggle to keep a … Continue reading The 5 Most Popular Room Décors in 2019

Every Person Has a Story Worth Telling

Every person, every story. Even the most seemingly mundane aspects of one’s life will be interesting to another. In learning about history, it’s not just the big moments that are interesting. It’s also the little things, the everyday features of the past. Entire aspects of studies of ancient history are devoted to discovering artefacts and … Continue reading Every Person Has a Story Worth Telling