My Top 5 Movies of July

I love movies as much as the next person. Recently I have found myself watching a lot more movies than I normally do. In no particular order, these are my top five movies of last month.

Pan’s Labyrinth

2006, Drama/Fantasy

Pan’s Labyrinth was a lot sadder and darker than I had anticipated but I loved it so much and couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen because it was so good. Well, that and the fact that the movie had subtitles that I needed to read to know what was going on. This was a movie that left me thinking about it and pondering it for days afterwards.

The Lunchbox

2013, Drama/Romance

The Lunchbox was a delightful story. Two strangers communicate through notes left in a lunchbox. They gradually become more open and learn more about each other and themselves. To me this was an enjoyable movie which tied together many different storylines alongside the main story. The ending wasn’t an expected happy outcome; I found myself thinking about the ending for a while afterwards. It simultaneously felt like a very finite ending and a very open ending.

The Parisian B*tch, Princess of Hearts

2015, Comedy

The Parisian B*tch was unlike any other movie I have seen. I found it so fascinating and consistently felt like I wasn’t sure what was real and what was scripted. The main character in this movie is so hilariously out of touch and dedicated to her goal (of marrying the prince). In an attempt to achieve this goal she goes through somewhat desperate and destined-to-fail measures. I intend to rewatch the movie and I might even make a separate blog post about it.

Love and Mercy

2014, Biography/Drama

Love and Mercy provided an intriguing insight into the life of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. The movie follows the story of his struggles with mental illness and with his abusive therapist who misdiagnosed and mistreated him. Another fantastic bonus was all the Beach Boys songs interspersed throughout the movie. I don’t typically watch biopics, though I found this one rather interesting. I feel like I learned a lot about the Beach Boys and I got to hear lots of great songs. Win-win.

Vicky Donor

2012, Bollywood/Romance

Vicky Donor is a romcom about a man, Vicky, who is headhunted and convinced into becoming a sperm donor. I had no idea what this movie would be like before I watched it. I actually happened upon this movie because I had been watching the programme which was on directly before this movie aired. I assumed that this movie would be more serious but I actually ended up finding it to be a funny movie which was quite silly at times. I did find that the second half of the movie seemed to be a little less of a comedy and more of a romance. I think I would have liked the movie even more if it maintained the same level of comedy throughout.

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