The 5 Most Popular Room Décors in 2019

I scoured DIY room décor and room makeover inspiration on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest so you don’t have to. These are the five most popular elements in 2019 room décor.

Indoor plants

Plants make any space feel more open and airy by bringing the outdoors in. Those of us who may struggle to keep a plant alive shouldn’t despair, because fake plants are just as popular as live plants. Plants can be small on shelves or on desks as subtle decorations. To make a bigger statement, larger plants can be put on side tables, or hung from the ceiling as accent pieces.

No table? No problem! Stools are commonly used to place a plant on. They add a simplistic, rustic vibe and take up less space than a table.

Plant-inspired décor

Plant-inspired décor pairs perfectly with indoor plants, or works great on its own. With its leafy, natural vibe, plant-inspired décor provides the illusion of greenery without needing actual plants in your room.

Simple wall prints with monstera leaves (such as the one pictured left) have been popping up on walls everywhere.


Baskets and other basket-inspired décor are on trend, providing any room with a natural, breezy feel. The basket provides a subtle pop of colour while still being pretty neutral. Baskets and basket-inspired décor and furnishings give a relaxed, bohemian-chic vibe to a space. Baskets can be used for decor on shelves or tables. The great thing about baskets is that they can double as storage or plant holders.

A current common trend is to use large, flat baskets as wall art. These baskets can be combined with multiples of the same basket in different sizes (see below), a single large statement basket, or many different kinds of baskets hanging together.


Also following along with the natural, earthy vibe, macramé seems to be a winner. Macramé is a form of art created by knotting and braiding rope. Macramé can be used as a wall art, with the ropes falling down like a waterfall, on a wooden rod or stick. It is also commonly used as a holder for hanging plants.

White furniture and furnishings

White furnishings and walls seem to be a super popular trend today. The neutral whites complement and accentuate the greens and earthy tones of the plants and décor while giving the whole space a minimalistic, airy feel. White walls and bedding also make the perfect backdrop for YouTube videos and Instagram photos.

So there you go, the five most common elements of interior design in bedrooms in 2019. Tempted to try any? There are a multitude of DIY posts and videos out there! Do let me know if you decide to try one.



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