5 Little Things I’m Appreciating Right Now

The world is weird right now.

Things are tough right now.

So I thought I’d write something for the first time in… (checks calendar) ah, several months.

I fully believe that a huge part of life and enjoying life is appreciating the little things. I know that I enjoy reading posts like this because it inspires me and makes me happy to hear about what other people are enjoying in life. So, here are five little things that I’ve been really appreciating having in my life.

Morning sunlight

Now, if you know me then you know I am not the biggest fan of being in harsh, direct sunlight. Sometimes it’s just too hot for that! But you know what I do love? Sitting in direct sunlight in the morning, before the sun has had the chance to get too hot. Something about the gentle warmth tickling my skin makes me feel so content and alive. I’m here, I’m living, I’m ready for a new day.

If you can, I recommend spending some time just sitting by a window and enjoying the feeling of the rays on your skin.


A quick peek through my blog archives will hint at my love of books. Books are such a great form of escapism. They enable us to dive into and fully immerse ourselves in other worlds and intimately meet new and exciting characters. Life a bit weird right now? Feeling melancholy over missed opportunities this year? Scared about the general state of the world today? Why not ignore everything else and just escape into a book! I’m so glad and grateful that I have some books here with me that I can crack open and delve into whenever I want, even when I haven’t physically been able to head to a library. Which leads me to my next favourite…


I’m not sure if I’ve said this recently or not but just in case I haven’t: I love libraries! I particularly love all the digital resources libraries have to offer, from online jigsaw puzzles of paintings to online webinars on all topics under the sun to ebooks and eaudiobooks, to a plethora of online articles. Sure, I miss being able to go into a library and grab as many physical books as I can carry as much as the next person. But I’m still so grateful that I’m able to borrow ebooks and eaudiobooks! These are two media that I hadn’t even dipped my toes into until this year.

Check out the resources available on your libraries’ websites! Even if you’re a well-seasoned library user, you’ll probably be surprised at all the goodies you can access (I know I was).


As much as I enjoy time spent by myself, I also truly thrive on connection and conversation with others. Having people to speak to, whether that be every day, every few days, or once every few months, is so enriching and valuable. Whether your friends are people you met in person or online friends who live across the globe, your friendships are valid and important. So, my friends, if you’re reading this: thanks for being you.

Send a message to a friend of yours, even if it’s just to say hi.


Music is so transformational and exciting. One of my favourite feelings is when I find a new song, or rediscover an old favourite that I love so much that I end up listening to it on repeat again and again and ag—well, you get the point. Special shout out to everyone who’s ever introduced me to a new favourite.

Think of a song you love and give it a listen (I’d love to hear what song it is). Bonus points if you end up playing it on repeat like me!

What are some things you’re finding comfort in right now?



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