Why I Haven’t Been Posting Recently

So, uh… I’m back.

If you check my blog, you’ll see that my last post was published on August 6. That means I haven’t posted in about two weeks after posting almost daily. This mini-hiatus wasn’t intentional and is something that I am looking to overcome. Sometimes I find that thinking about why something has happened is useful in overcoming it, so I am writing this post to better understand why and to share it with anyone reading this. Here are the main reasons why I haven’t been posting recently.

Uncertainty about blog purpose

I have been ruminating on whether this blog would be a personal blog where I can essentially remain anonymous and post whatever I want to, or perhaps a kind of portfolio for writing samples. I love writing and always have, and would love to enter a kind of career which is heavily writing-based. One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog in the first place was to start writing more for myself and get into the habit of writing. This is why the idea of having a blog act as a sort of portfolio appeals to me. However, I also want to write mainly for myself (and for those of you who are following this blog) and not focus all my writing on impressing an audience. I’ve been kind of stuck in this mental limbo for the past two weeks (and perhaps even longer than that), but I think I’m just going to try and get back into writing what I feel like writing and not just what I think will be good for a portfolio.

Writer’s block

Honestly I have just been a bit stuck when it comes to motivation to write and think of blog ideas. Mainly I’ve been stuck on the whole motivation thing because I actually am prepared with a list of blog post ideas. I think if I had a draft already written for a post it would have been easier to get something finished and published. Oh well, we learn as we go, right? I am hoping to overcome this writer’s block and am working towards it. One of the steps was writing this post that you’re now reading!

Pursuing other creative interests

Another thing I’ve always loved doing is drawing. Recently I’ve gotten back into drawing and have actually been drawing really regularly lately! For the past few days I’ve been creating some art in my sketchbook daily. With all this drawing I haven’t given myself too much time to worry about writing or not writing. Getting back into drawing again after so many months of only doing some digital art and some back-of-the-envelope-doodles has been so pleasant and refreshing. It feels like a pretty good pay off to not writing: because I’ve reignited my love for drawing, I don’t feel too bad about not writing. As well as drawing, I’ve also been reading a lot lately I’ve also been reading a lot lately (stay tuned for some more ‘Hunger Games’ related posts)!

Question of the day: do any of you ever go on an impromptu hiatus and how do you deal with it?



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