What counts as ‘Real’ literature?

‘Literature’ is a very broad term. The way I see it, literature can be almost anything. Literature is novels, short stories, poems, autobiographies, online fanfiction, magazine articles, online articles, graphic novels, web comics, artworks… Literature is all of this. Not everyone would agree with this, however. There are some people who would say that actually, … Continue reading What counts as ‘Real’ literature?


The 5 R’s of Recycling

I learned something new recently. Many of us have probably heard of the ‘three R’s’ of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. But I recently learned that there are actually—or at least were originally—five R’s. So, out of curiosity, and out of a genuine desire to be more sustainable, I decided to do a little research into … Continue reading The 5 R’s of Recycling