National Read a Book Day and other bookish holidays in September

I heard that yesterday (September 6) was National Read a Book Day, an annual unofficial holiday. Although I didn’t know about this day yesterday, I can confirm that I did indeed read a book yesterday. It’s almost like my inner bookworm knew and wanted to celebrate…

Thinking about this unofficial holiday led me to recall two other relevant book-related holidays in September.

Other bookish ‘holidays’ in September

Sunday, September 8, which is tomorrow, is International Literacy Day! It is a globally recognised annual day observed by all states under the United Nations. I know that I’m thankful to have the privilege to be able to read books to my heart’s content (when I have the time) and to write these blog posts. I’m also thankful for the availability of translators and translating software which makes texts accessible, regardless of whether or not a reader is fluent in the text’s original language. September 8 was announced to be International Literacy Day (ILD) by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in October 1966. It has been celebrated annually since 1967. International Literacy Day links directly to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4: Quality Education – “by 2030, ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy” (#Envision2030, target 6).This year, 2019, the theme is ‘Literacy and Multilingualism’. (International Literacy Day).

Thursday, September 19 is the day of the Australian Reading Hour, in which Australians are encouraged to read a book for an hour either alone or with others. Australian Reading Hour’s mission is to encourage people to take the time and relax with a book, to engage with others through reading, and to connect and/or reconnect with reading and its benefits (Australian Reading Hour, ‘about’).

How are you celebrating/planning to celebrate these bookish days, if you’re celebrating? I plan on keeping up with my writing and reading, and hopefully remembering to read for a full hour on September 19.

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