How I’m Dealing with Writer’s Block

Ah, writer’s block. The Arch Nemesis of every writer.

After starting my blog almost two months ago (as I check the date I realise it has been exactly two months) I aimed to write and publish posts regularly. I averaged I think about two or three posts a week, although there were many days in which I would post something every day (sometimes twice a day). I figured that some kind of writer’s block would hit me eventually because let’s face it, everyone experiences it at some point. What I didn’t expect, however, was for it to hit me so soon. I think if I had to write something for work or university I would be much better at getting things written, but somehow because I am mainly only writing for myself it feels more difficult. Can anyone else relate?

Triumphing above all writer blocks is my love for writing and my perseverance to keep writing. So here are the things I am have been doing or am planning to do to get back into writing.

Reading and engaging with other blog posts

Even though I wasn’t writing anything new myself, I was still making the effort to log in and read other posts. This allowed me to enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts and keep the spark of inspiration to write ignited, even if it felt like it was faltering. It also kept my blog in the forefront of my mind as I would inevitably end up seeing my blog and liking/commenting from my blog account. I liked doing this and intend to keep it up because reading other bloggers’ posts and engaging with them was one of the things I wanted to get out of blogging. I also love reading other people’s thoughts and perspectives.

Noting down ideas for blog posts

I tried to jot down some notes of any ideas I came up with for blog posts. I did this because even though I wasn’t writing full posts I was still being creative and staying in the frame of mind of wanting to create posts. I didn’t want to simply give up on this blog because I really do love to write and also enjoy engaging with other bloggers and their posts on this site. Though I tried to write some posts and failed, I did end up with ideas that I could revisit later. I also ended up with some rough plans for a post or two which will help me to understand my thought process when I came up with the ideas.

Opening my laptop and reviewing blog ideas

It had been quite a few days since I had last actually looked at my half-drafted posts and list of blog post ideas. Looking back at ideas with a fresh perspective often does seem to reignite motivation and thoughts about the topics, and can even act as inspiration for other ideas. So finally this morning I decided to take the plunge and make a deeper effort to try and get back into writing something. I think now that I’ve looked back at these ideas, they will be in the forefront of my mind again and I’ll be able to get back into actually writing them!

Writing about writer’s block

I’ve always been a fan of going with what you know if you’re unsure of what to do, so here I am writing a blog post about overcoming writer’s block (and I’m sure I’m not the first person to do so). Even if this wasn’t a post I ever planned to make (I only just started writing it and this companion post earlier today) I am currently writing something. I think sometimes that’s the secret to content creation. Not creating only when you have all the motivation and inspiration. Not always creating the greatest content you can. But simply allowing yourself to create because you love it. No matter how it turns out.

Do you have any advice about how to overcome writer’s block?


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