Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Isn’t it weird that we’re taught the old adage, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but the one exception to this rule is when looking at actual books?

I mean think about it. When you’re in a book store or library, or if you see someone reading a book, what is the first thing you see? The book cover. Whether it’s the spine or the front or back cover that you see first, it’s still a part of the cover.

Online, if you happen to see a photo of a book posted by a book blogger, it is still typically the book cover which first catches your eye.

Everything on the cover of a book is meticulously considered and designed to entice a reader and communicate the book’s content. The font and colour of the title and author’s/illustrator’s names, the physical colour, design and composition of the book cover all entice a reader, grabbing attention just long enough to pique someone’s interest. From there, one may turn a book over and read the blurb for a snapshot of what the book contains. All of this happens on the surface of the book: the book cover.

Many book cover designs convey the primary genre of the book. For instance, I find myself easily able to see a book cover and know that it’s a romance book without even having to read the blurb. And I don’t even read romances.

So, don’t judge a book by its cover. Unless you’re looking at actual books, in which case definitely judge a book by its cover.

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