Summer TBR!

It’s Summer in the Northern hemisphere right now and in true Summer fashion, people have been posting their Summer reading goals. I thought I’d pretend like I’m not freezing right now and take a moment to share my current reading goals for the next few months.

Becoming – Michelle Obama

This is a book I have seen popping up a lot over the past few months. It seems like almost everyone has either read or are currently reading it. Something about it really intrigues me. Firstly, yes, I want to check it out because so many other people have been reading it and seemed to like it, and so I want to try it for myself. Beyond this, however, I want to read it because I have been wanting to read more non-fiction books. Becoming (2018) is the memoir of former United States of America First Lady, Michelle Obama.

A little side note: does anyone have any non-fiction books to recommend?

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

I actually already own a copy of this book! I purchased it over a year ago and still haven’t read it (oops). This is one of those classic novels that I have wanted to read for quite some time, which is why I bought the book. Also, the premise of this novel really interests me. The primary genre of this novel is dystopian fiction. Fahrenheit 451 (1953) is a book which speaks of book burning and censorship, and the abuse of power. It is set in a future America where books are banned and all books that are found are burned. Honestly I seem to be either too busy to read it or somehow keep forgetting that I have this book. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can finally crack it open and read it!

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

I remember studying a film adaptation of this novel back when I was in high school and this novel has been on my mind ever since. I found the film very interesting and really wanted to read the original book version too. Every time I see a movie I like and then realise it was based on a book, I always find myself wanting to read that book. Rebecca (1938) is a gothic novel about a young woman who has recently married a man named Maxim. In his house, she is overwhelmed by the sizable estate with its many rooms, and feels haunted by the lingering presence of Maxim’s first wife, Rebecca.

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Hello yes, it’s me. The last remaining person on Earth who is yet to read The Hunger Games. I have heard tidbits of information about the trilogy here and there and I have seen one of the movies.  Despite how popular the books and movies were, I still haven’t read any of the books. Last year, I came across and purchased a second-hand copy of the first book in the series from a charity book stall. (Does anyone else see a trend of buying books and not reading them? This is why I have mostly stopped buying books.) The Hunger Games (2008) is a dystopian novel set in the fictional nation Panem. Panem is ruled by the Capitol, who are the elites with political and economic control over the rest of the nation. Annually, members of the remaining districts in Panem have their names drawn in a raffle; if their name is called, they must enter a televised event in which they must fight until they are the only person still alive.

Have you read any of these books? Or perhaps are they on your TBR (To Be Read) pile as well? Feel free to comment down below!


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