Happy one week to my blog!

A week ago I finally officially started a blog by creating this blog and writing my first blog post. When I did that, I wasn’t entirely sure if I would even continue writing more posts or not. Nevertheless, I felt inspired and motivated, and decided to strive for at least one blog post a day for the entire first week. Here I am, one week and several blog posts later, to share that I did in fact meet my personal goal (yay)!

I don’t think I will continue to aim for one post a day, but I do hope to keep writing and posting semi-regularly. I don’t want to post a piece of writing that I am not 100% happy with just for the sake of posting something.

In my first blog post, I noted that I had no idea on which topics I wanted to write. All I knew was that I wanted to write something. I also mentioned a few topics that I am interested in, and which I thought I may write blog posts about. These topics were books and sustainability, and I ended up writing a bookish post and a post related to sustainability! I technically even had a blog post which addressed both of these topics. I’m still not entirely sure in which direction this blog will go, but I am glad that I made a solid start in writing this past week and am excited to see what this blog may become in the future.

I’m super happy to have gotten back into writing, and I really hope to continue!

So, here’s to meeting goals, to rekindling our love for old hobbies, and to writing!

Thanks for reading!



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