This is a blog.

Starting a blog is something I have wanted to do for a while but never seemed to be able to begin. Why? Because every time I thought of starting a blog or writing blog posts, I was faced with reality: I had no idea what I wanted to write, or what I wanted the blog to be about. Naturally, I pondered my interests.

I love books and reading. So, I thought to myself, perhaps I could make a blog about books and book reviews. But, alas, sometimes I want to read something, immerse myself in its world and then leave without having to ever think too critically about it. In short, I did not want writing the blog, or reading books, to ever feel like a chore. I didn’t want to pick up a book and have the constant thought of having to write a book review in the back of my mind at every plot twist and page turn.

I have recently been getting into and learning more about sustainability. Hmm, I thought. Perhaps I could write a blog about sustainability and more sustainable alternatives to everyday items. This sounded great to me, as I’d essentially be able to research and learn even more about sustainability and document what I learn and the actions I take to be more sustainable. In particular, I’d be able to document my process and hold myself accountable if I decide to do something to be more sustainable and then fail to follow through.

I thought also of making a more personal blog, where I simply write about and post my thoughts. My doubts, random thoughts… essentially whatever comes to mind.

I even thought of giving myself the challenge of choosing a topic, giving myself a deadline in which to research the topic, and then writing a quick post about what I’ve learned. I figured this would satisfy my desires for both writing and learning new things.

Currently, I am sitting here past 11pm listening to the rain, and pondering possible blog ideas. In the process, I suppose I’ve just written my first blog post.

I’m not sure where this blog will take me, or who will ever see it. I have no idea what it will be about or how it will grow. Really, I’m not even sure if I’ll fully commit to keeping it active. Right now, I’m just writing in a word doc and listening to the rain.


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